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Your website is your 24/7 salesperson. It gives you credibility & professionalism. With a professional website designed – you further establish your brand as a trustworthy business.

Website Design Company In Pretoria

Because we committed ourselves to be the website designing company in Pretoria that is a go-to agency for your business.

We take charge in designing high-performing website designs that improve your sales for your business. Your website communicates far more than a piece of business information and its offerings. It gives you a sense of credibility and professionalism.

As a website designer, our effortless website designing process translates your vision into reality. We balance everything with affordability to help you compete in your market.

Build an effective, results-driven website with Us!


Brief & Planning

let’s meet to discuss your website project. You will brief us about your end goal.

Register & Host

after choosing a domain name to use. You will choose a hosting plan suitable for your business.

Wireframe & Design

We will prepare a project structure for your website – then start designing your website.

Launch Live

Once you’re happy with the site. We launch it live and allow users to start visiting your website.

Get Support

You will get Free support for a month, to monitor for any errors or website bugs that may affect website performance.

Get A Responsive Website

Premium Theme

From As Little As


Building SEO Website Designs

It is important for us to build a website with UI, UX and SEO in mind. Search Engines like Google enjoy crawling pages on websites efficiently, interpreting the content effectively, and index it in their database.

Because digital marketing is a necessity for small businesses in South Africa. Building a website with SEO in mind results in high traffic for potential sales.

SEO web design drives more visitors to a website that is search-engine-friendly. Learn more about  Search Engine Optimization service


Website Maintenance Plan

Beat website hackers in their own game. By minimising the risk of losing what you have invested in. The website maintenance plan gives you peace of mind.

Your business website should be excluded from a lot of websites in South Africa that do not have a security plan. Running a business is stressful on its own. You can’t afford to have website hackers adding to your stress.

Hacked websites don’t only affect your business physically, but your Google ranking too. It is, therefore so important to have a website maintenance plan that can fight your online battles. With our plan, you’re sure to be at ease.

Once your website is live, Digital Select take on the stress of making your website safe. while we understand there is no 100% guarantee in anything on the internet. But, our plans keep your website optimised, updated, backed up and generally safe.

Don’t allow yourself to pay an expensive price – Protect your investment.

Security Issue & CMS Updates

From As Little As

Z Support Theme Updates

Z Regular Plugins Update

Z Monthly Full-site Backup & Storage

Z Site Monitoring

M Analytics

M Weekly Security Scan

M Up to 3 hours of Design & Content Updates

Full Website Maintenance

From As Little As

Z Website Theme Updates

Z Regular Plugins Update

Z Monthly Full-site Backup & Storage

Z Site Monitoring

Z Analytics

Z Weekly Security Scan

Z Up to 3 hours of Design & Content Updates

No contracts, standard initiation or termination fee

NB – For websites, we didn’t build. A site inspection is required.

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