Zonne Solar


Zonne Solar Website Design Project

Business Details

The Zonne Solar project is about the beautiful and modern styled website we did for the client.

Zonne Solar is an individual run business located in Amandasig, Pretoria. The founder of the business, Mr Theo is a qualified engineer who now works on his business installing solar panels for his clients.

Goal For The Project

When the owner of Zonne Solar came to us, he wanted a beautiful website that will help people come to his website get information and contact him.

The client wanted a four-page website design with an option to add more pages in the future.  The business also didn’t have a logo because it was a fairly new business, so we first did the logo.

While designing the website we wanted to deliver a website that will give visitors a feel of energy with its yellow and blue colours.  the website had to be nice and clean as per client’s request.

Months after, we added more pages to the website to make it a seven-page website.


Because working with an image-heavy website stresses any website designer. The experience we got out of this project is the importance of using photoshop.


After completing the project, the client was very impressed with what we did. We were happy that all that we planned came out as we have imagined. The client is now able to put his website on flyers and advertising boards, which customers use to visit the site.