Oneh Photography


Oneh Photography Website Design Project

Business Details

The Oneh Photography project is about the beautiful and modern styled website we did for the client.

Oneh Photography is an individual run business located in The Orchards, Pretoria. The founder of the business Goitseoneh, is a professional photographer. Her work covers almost every category in photography.

Goal For The Project

When the owner of Oneh Photography came to us, she wanted a beautiful small website that will help people view her work. The website had to have her Instagram link.

Because she was working on a tight budget. She saw a one-page website design with an option to add more pages in the future fits her current needs.

We know photography websites are image-heavy. Our worry was that the website will be too slow and visitors will get frustrated and leave the website before it even loads. Our challenge was to make sure the user experience is not compromised by the size of images while balancing the quality of the pictures.

All the images had to be photoshopped to reduce image size without compromising image quality. Make the website open quicker and easy to navigate.


Because working with an image-heavy website stresses any website designer. The experience we got out of this project is the importance of using photoshop.


After completing the project, the client was very impressed with what we did. Given her tight budget, the work surpassed her expectation. We were happy that all that we planned came out as we have imagined. The website is now gaining traffics from her Instagram, and it also drives traffics to her Instagram account.