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In 2019 South Africa reached 31.8 million internet users, which is half of the country’s population. The research figures paint a great picture of the expansion in the South African online market.

Many small businesses are now fasting using Google Ads to target potential customers. Google Ads sends large customers to the company Website. This Google Ads service empowers businesses to target & reach relevant customers.

Google Ads services give your business a unique opportunity to covert potential sales into real sales by getting leads for you. Google Ads works differently from SEO because it is a paid service – SEO targets unpaid traffic.

Ads Services

Google Tools Used

Search Network campaign

Have your Ads appear on hundreds of other Google search partners, including YouTube and Google Shopping.

Display Network campaign

Get visual ads in front of people using products in the Google Display Network, including Gmail and YouTube.

Shopping campaign

Use your web store’s product data to determine how and where within Google Shopping to show your ad.

Video campaign.

Your company will be promoted via a video ad displayed on YouTube and other Google Display Network properties.

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