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As small scale logo designers, we enjoy a deep appreciation for professional, clean and effective logo designs. Over the years designing company logos for startups and existing businesses. Challenges and hard work has surely shaped us into a more deliberate, effective, and professional logo designers.

Just like every person has an identity, every company also needs an identity. This is what helps us to connect to the world around us. Without an effective brand identity, your company will find it hard to connect to its audience.

Your audience will miss out on anything you have to offer and vice versa. Everybody wants to trade with trustworthy companies that offer high value at no risk.

An effective logo design can be used everywhere and on anything without being restricted to size, media, or platform. Get a logo that speaks about your brand.


You have already taken the 1st step to establishing your brand, and that was to find a logo designer. let us know that you are interested in hiring us to design your business logo. Do this by simply completing the form below.


The logo designer will send you a list of tailored questions that we will need you to answer. Your answers will serve as a briefing that will guide us to an efficient company logo design for you.


If we are a good match for you and your budget, then the logo designer will continue to the next phase when we receive a payment or indicated on our proposal.


The logo designer will start to experiment with various ideas. Sketching to concentrate on the form and shape of the logo. We will need you to choose the option that best aligns with your company.  If you would like the logo designer to make any changes to your chosen logo design, letterhead and email signature, feel free to ask for those changes.


As soon as you are satisfied with your new company logo, letterhead, you may settle the outstanding balance if you only paid a 50% deposit. the logo designer will export the logo design that you approved. It will be exported as a Vector PDF, a transparent PNG, and a Bitmap JPEG.

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